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  • First days cycling

      ·  Vladimir Kumov —

    After two weeks, spent in Mexico City and Guadalajara, two cities, where there is an active development of cycling, we have started our bicycle trip to south.

    Our journey began very spectacular. First 20 km on the road out of Guadalajara we were escorted by two police cars. We should say «thank you» for this to the organizers of Paseo Nocturno Ciclista ― weekly mass bicycle run along the city. It allowed us to avoid morning traffic jam — we were cycling at a speed of 30 km per hour almost all the time.

    Further way was simple in the beginning ― we were cycling downhill, establishing maximum speed of 52,3 km/h. Next we got out to a plain. The road was going through dried up lakes... we had to cycle under burning sun, and we had a few water-supply, because we were supposing to find it somewhere along the way.

    However, it was trifle, because next the road began slow, but continual lifting. Along toward night we arrived at Ciudad Guzman, where we fell asleep in the first available motel. Altogether we passed about 130 km.

    The next morning it was very difficult to wake up. We rode out on the way to Colima about noon, choosing the faster variant (and maybe the simplest one) ― the toll road. The main difference of toll road is that there are a lot of bridges that allow to admire hills from above, instead of going up and downhill.

    During the second day we passed 75 km. We were staying at Colima for two nights in order to repair rear wheel on Stasʹs bicycle and prepare for 3-4 days almost without civilization.

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