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  • How can I help?

    During half of a year we'll drive about 12 000 km. We'll overcome different climate conditions, face different trials and write a lot of articles about cycling activity in 10 countries of Latin America. We are going to share with you all our photos and videos, to write travel notes (itinerary) and tell you about all amazing places and acquaintances. If you ask “How can I help?”, this page is for you.

    Financial support

    We'll minimize our daily expenses by spending money only on the most necessary things: food, spares for bicycles and visas. But half-yearly expedition is quite an expensive adventure. One part of the money we have invested from our savings, also we are supported by few companies, but we can reach much more with your help! Every transferred cent we're investing in an our project in order to make it more interesting and useful.

    How to transfer money?

    Informational support

    One of our project's aims is to tell as many people as possible about developing cycling activity in Latin America and show them that in such a short time it is possible to change even the largest and the most troubled cities. That is why you can support us by telling about our project to your friends and sharing links on your pages in social networks and in your blogs.

    You can offer us a place to stay

    People, whom we're meeting during the journey, who show us their cities and tell about the most interesting sights, who conduct tours for us around all cycling places and events, offer us their homes to overnight, are playing the major role in our trip. If you or your friends live in one of the countries we're going to cross ― tell us, please, we'll be very glad!

    Share your talent with us

    Also an intellectual support may be useful for the project. If you write music, which we can use in our film or videos, draw or translate… please, write to us!

    Want to become our sponsor?

    Do you think that this trip seems interesting and want to support us economically or with equipment? – Please, send us an e-mail, we are truly grateful for your support! v.kumov@gmail.com