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    Berghaus Men's Velum II GORE-TEX® Active Jacket

    Berghaus Men's Ardennes Hoody Softshell Jacket

    Berghaus Men's Furnace 700 Fill Goose Down Jacket

    Berghaus Men's Power Stretch® Full Zip Jacket

    Berghaus Men's Patera Softshell Pant

    Berghaus Men's Lonscale Trekking Pant

    Project's T-shirts to attract some attention:-)

    Berghaus Twentyfourseven 20 Day Sack
    Berghaus Powerstretch Gloves
    Berghaus Power Stretch Hat
    Berghaus Cooling Basecrewss
    Cycling pants Roketti.
    A couple of sets of underwear and socks.
    New Balance shoes and flip-flops :)
    Company Berghaus has been one of the world’s leading brands of outdoor outfit for more than 40 years. First brand’s store in Russia was opened in 2011 in Moscow.
    First sponsorship act for “Let’s bike it!” is dated 2012th when company supported one of our project’s members Maxim Kochanov on his journey from Moscow to Milan on a fixed gear bike.
    Modern technology combined with innovative materials and unique concepts make Berghaus’ production not only extremely useful in extreme weather conditions but also lets you save some extra space in your backpack.
    Berghaus was really generous supporting us with almost the whole set of clothing.
    New Balance is a huge company that is known for it’s wide range of great sporting footwear. You can buy these shoes in 65 countries all around the world. “New Balance” assimilates knowledge of those, who know what great shoes should be and innovates continuously within this area. It’s not just a company making nice reliable shoes — this N-logo can differentiate you from the others, tell other people about your way of life.
    “New Balance” had sponsored this project with comfortable and reliable footwear.

    Spare parts and tools

    Sponsored by«Velosite».


    Tent Outdoor Project Regul 2 Al. Sleeping bags. Sleeping pads.


    Bottles for water and alcohol — sponsored.
    Pot and pan and dish sets, gas stove Primus Mimer, Primus Power Gas, kitchen utensils Coleman, army knife — were bought in México.

    First aid and hygiéne tools

    Berghaus Washkit we filled with: shampoo, soap, tooth brushes and paste, nailcutters, razors. Also two towels. Combs. Toilet paper. Napkins. Sunscreen. First aid kit.


    Trunk panniers ПИК-99 (65l).
    Helmets BBB BHE-02 Everest 0232.
    4 aluminum water bottels BBB BBC-25 600ml.

    Pens, Pensils, Notebooks.
    Tiny flags of Russian Federation — we got from the embassy of Russian Federation in México

    There were some useless things we had to send back to Russia

    Jeans and pants, two shirts, some books we had and some useless pairs of socks.

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